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Unique Facts About the Human Brain

The human brain is the most complex organ. Besides the brain is also a center or major organ in the human body. The brain is often likened to a memory or storage with the complexity of works by storing all sorts of memories that exist in a person. Covering personality and consciousness are also greatly influenced by this one organ, the brain. That is why the human brain as a command center all of the central nervous system and not only that but also serve humans with physical and cognitive abilities. There are the most amazing things about the human brain. Many facts and uniqueness that is not widely known by everyone. Well this time we will present a review of the unique facts about the human brain, which are as follows!

Here are some facts about the Human Brain Unique

Brains Stay Active Even While Sleeping
Did you ever think that would berhentik when you are in a sleep state. All you need to know that the oak remains active even when you are in a sleep state. This is because the brain is an organ that is the only never sleeps and always serves to illustrate and provide guidance when you are in a sleep state. The proof is accompanying a dream when you sleep.

Predicting the Future
Selanutnya unique facts about the human brain is able to predict the future. It is widely stated by scientists that they never knew about how it could happen. They simply argue that the brain has the ability to predict the future. This is because the brain has a system known as the mid-brain dopamine system. Where is the role to give a signal about the events that have not or will occur so so would open the way to predict the future.

Not Vulnerable to Disease
This is one of the most shocking in the medical world. While almost all organs are vulnerable to various diseases. But for this one body organ, the brain is more likely to be immune to the disease. This is because the brain does not have pain receptors.

Having Varying Sizes
The uniqueness of the human brain is subsequently have different sizes. Just as the human body shape and everyone has different body types and it jga occur in the human brain. Where there have big and small brain size. If you have a large brain size then you tend to have a better ability to make an intelligent assessment and understanding of all the external phenomenal.

Man More 10% Using Brain Compared Women
If you want to know and understand women sometimes men are weak. This is because most man using 10% of his brain more than a woman. As for women more by feel. In this case make women weaker in the decision making and judgment. That is why a man more often menhambil decision in various ways or maslaah.

Many explanations of the unique things about the human brain that can ketahi. So much for the role of the human brain it is important to always be on guard despite his health condition has been described brain organ is not prone to the disease.
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